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If you plan to expand your company or want to customize items with your brand name, Photo Process Screen Manufacturing can help you get the job done. We carry a wide variety of durable and efficient silk screen supplies. Silk screening is a printing process that uses woven mesh to support an ink-block stencil. With this, ink will penetrate certain areas to create a precise image.

Silk screening is a great marketing tool for your business. It can create high quality t-shirts, glass and other artworks that has your unique emblem. We manufacture the finest equipment and offer it at a reasonable price, including a colorful selection of inks and sturdy frames. You will be impressed to see how our tools can help grow your company.

The process of silk screening may be challenging, but hard work will produce an amazing outcome. To help you design flawless merchandise, our company includes everything you need for the silk screening process. We also offer our products in numerous kits. Depending on what level you want to market your company, we vary our packages from “ Starter Kit 1” to the “Platinum Kit.” WIth each purchase, we also include free technical support so you’ll never lost and forgotten.

The biggest advantage of having your own screen printing equipment is that you will be able to customize shirts, hats, glass, bags and other items. Branding your company’s name everywhere will help bring in future customers. Think about how a clothing store started from the basics. They simply branded their merchandise and let people become their walking billboards.

If you have any questions or concerns about silk screening, please contact Photo Process Screen Manufacturing. We will be more than happy to help our clients in Philadelphia, PA. 


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